We bring together a group of participants, from various boundaries of professions, industries and cultures, to maximize collaborative innovation. We have become a mainstay of the social innovation scene, with their aspirations to foster systemic change, a relationship of mutual understanding or trust across myriad fields.

 We work around the world taking on a range of grand challenges and driving collective social impact.

Our innovation lab bridges sectoral, organizational and geographical boundaries, and attempts to engage a wide range of problem solving activities. We seek imposed but open ended innovation themes in a top-down manner. The reason is that they usually serve as the instruments of larger networks or organizations.

Preoccupation with huge innovation challenges aim to make breakthrough, unexpected solutions to major challenges of the present and the future problems to solve on its own.

Expectations of breakthrough solutions pursue disruptive innovations.  Rather than settling for incremental improvements, they deliver productive solutions to become an important discovery of tomorrow.

  • Heterogeneous participants
  • Applied orientation
  • Rich innovation toolbox
  • Focus on experimentation
  • Systemic thinking
  • Targeted collaboration
  • Long-term perspectives

Our lab is a space for people who represent a system to come together and co-operate.  It engages diverse participants on a long-term basis in open collaboration for elaborating, creating, and prototyping revolutionary solutions to those established systemic challenges.


Change is the only constant and Innovation is the oxygen that keep organizations survive and thrive in the digital economy. Organizations of all sizes are constantly challenged and perform a balancing act of optimizing the present and innovating for the future.

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We are passionate about building new products, solve problems and create innovative startups. As an innovation lab we work closely together with our corporate partners, offering the flexibility of a startup environment.