Fintech Solutions

Fintech Solutions

A one stop shop for all technology driven financial assistance.

Technology is changing how money moves, and the implications for the financial services industry are significant. Customers are banking online and through mobile channels, and competition is springing up to challenge traditional banks’ hold on the industry.

With IMarktech , your organization can leverage the latest technologies to open up new business models that focus on the customer experience. Cognitive tools open the door to unprecedented analytics and raise the standard for customer service. The blockchain decentralized ledger model manages transactions with greater reliability, accessibility, and security. IMarktech creates tailored solutions that help financial organizations exceed in a changing marketplace.


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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

IMarktech provides blockchain solutions to build blockchain networks and provide customized solutions with our dedicated team of Blockchain experts.


Cross Border Payment Solutions 

We provide creative, reliable and innovative payment technology solutions that meet the increasing demand of customers around the world.

Payment Gateway Solutions 

We help financial Institutions & enterprises to setup their own private labeled payment gateways to accept online payments.


eBanking Global Software  

The eGlobalBank is a virtual Bank software configured to meet all banking and payment needs globally with the ability to send and receive funds to and from any bank accounts, any debit cards, any credit cards and any gift cards worldwide.

Payments/ Credit / Loyalty/ Prepaid  Cards   

We provide branded and co-branded debit cards with all forms of services including, but not limited to, Payroll Cards, Gift Cards, General Spending Cards, Rewards Cards, Government ID Cards, Global Remittance Programs, Payout Programs, Benefit Cards and Loyalty Cards.

Digital Wallet Systems 

An E-wallet (Digital wallet) is simply online funds stock system that can be used in near future as per your comfort, the E-wallet can be recharge or top up with various forms like credit cards, POSs, terminals, P2P money transfers, etc

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The New Language of Money

By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology has empowered internet, yet again. Originally devised for the cryptocurrency like bitcoin, the tech community is now finding other potential uses for the technology.

The Power of a Swipe

Access to credit remains problematic for many people. Consequently, prepaid cards have become increasingly important alternatives, especially for smaller purchases that would otherwise have been made with cash.

Revolutionizing Payment

Re-examining the payment process and considering the way it works is an important step. Once you’ve seen payment processing , you’ll be in a better position to evaluate how any potential provider will handle your future cross-border payments.

The Future of Payment

The term digital wallet is a blanket descriptor for a range of technologies that let you perform many tasks. In general, though, a digital wallet (also sometimes called an e-wallet) is a transformation in the way you pay for things.

Adaptable solutions for payment

ayment gateways fulfill a vital role in the ecommerce transaction process, authorizing the payment between merchant and customer. Popular payment gateways include PayPal/Braintree, Stripe, and Square.

The Internet Bank

Online Banking platforms have been in existence for more than a decade now. Now the focus is not on getting the customers to adopt online banking, but, instead, having the customer adopt the latest technology in online banking. Technology is an enabler that banks cannot afford to neglect.


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