About Us

ImarkTech is a Cochin based leading Information Technology Service and Consulting Company. Established in 2010, we are advancing every year by constantly improving our competencies and keeping up with the growing technologies and trends. Our talented team of Business Consultants and Technologists average over 20 years of industry experience and have executed many projects worldwide.

As the division between strategy, execution, and optimization become increasingly blurred, and knowledge becomes a key source of value for organizations in the new global economy, ImarkTech’s leadership team and consultants have combined historical data, industry best practices, and analytical models to continue the support of our clients as trusted partners. Our approach has continuously evolved and been refined to help organizations reduce project complexities and accelerate return on investments.

We believe working in Collaboration with our clients to understand their unique needs and work methodologies. In our experience, working together consistently results in creating intelligent solutions to meet our client’s evolving business objectives.