We provide underwater drones to perform Visual inspection/survey of submerged structures. It is a cost effective underwater intervention to do works up to a depth of 50m. This is a light rover which can be easily controlled using a laptop/joystick. A camera fitted on to the underwater drone gives live video feed of the underwater environment. Our product find a variety of application which include ship hull inspection, fish farm inspection, dam inspection, port structure inspection, bridge foundation inspection etc..


What we can do ?

Ship Survey & Inspection Hull Cleaning1234

Ship Hull Inspection

Remote visual inspection of submerged parts of ship hull



Search and Rescue

For assessment of sunken boats,ships, flights etc.. and for finding lost objects like ship anchors,relics,other objects. Finding lost human bodies in water bodies.


Dam Inspection

Early stage detection of dam structural faults and for regular up keep of shutters,sluice gate etc..