Telecommunications is not for the faint of heart. You must decide on a carrier, the appropriate connectivity for your data and voice networks, and the best design. It all has to work together seamlessly. And who is designing, monitoring and managing the equipment that keeps everything connected?


Our SMS gateway solution enable you to connect, interact and transact with your customers, suppliers, gamers, employees and partners all over the World.
You can use our SMS gateway for mobile advertising, online gaming events, sales promotions, alerts, orders, prepaid coupons and virtual vouchers, discount coupons, virtual gifts, access code for premium material online, marketing campaigns, product verification, greetings, reminders, account status, appointments notifications and reminders, password confirmations, system failure alerts, tracking, hotel reservations, travel information, stock prices update, forex alerts, etc. etc.



SMS Gateway

SMS communication is an effective and impersonal way to reach out to anybody without using voice based communication to communicate a message. The acceptance of SMS as an effective means is now proven with all Telecom Service Providers making this an essential service, using similar concepts across industries such as Healthcare, Banking, Payments, Retail, Restaurants, Insurance Sports, Event Management and Marketing.