Technology Scouting


IMarktech provides a full suite of services to help you identify, evaluate, and exploit emerging technologies in your own industry as well as those outside of your core knowledge area. Our expert professionals collaborate to develop the team best suited to your specific needs, keeping you abreast of new and innovative research. Our rapid assessments help you make informed decisions on new ideas, giving you the results you need for sustained growth and innovation.

  Access to innovators and technologies in strategic areas of interest

  Identification of relevant technologies in universities, public and private research labs, startups, small businesses and large enterprises

  Fit and quantification of the initial technology, and its relevance to your needs

Technical Engagement strategy

Technology Identification Services

Connecting with leading research organisations

comparative analysis of potential innovative ideas

Our Global Technology scouting platform connects companies searching new technology and innovation requirements with innovators, inventors, startups, R&D labs & universities, who already have developed products and solutions which are ready to get commercialized. Over the past two decades, we have built close significant relationships with client companies, local and international agencies and institutions. Now, our company has gained solidified international recognition. Imarktech’s success lies on a largely diversified business involvement featuring steady growth and profitability for our client companies since their start-up.

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