IMarktech can add real and tangible value through extensive experience of assisting our clients through the technology scouting and deal-making process, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimum risk with each project.

Our method of execution may vary to suit the project needs, but our experience in defining, scouting, filtering and engaging with prospects ensures that we only engage you with the market opportunities and technology providers that are a sound technical and commercial fit.

Our success in scouting new technology comes from our market knowledge, many years in the business, from our access to a global contact pool, an up-to -date competencies database and a variety of crowdsourcing channels.

For companies looking to access a new deal flow, start-ups and innovative technologies partners, R&D and innovation hubs – especially in  India – IMarktech develops a research & filtering process to ensure a proper selection of companies, VCs, start-ups & accelerators matching their objectives.