We offer Security Software that is focused on software and application development for public and private organizations to mitigate security and safety risk, maintain business continuity, and optimize operations.

Situation Management (PISM)

Think of physical security information management (PSIM) as a layer that sits on top of all of your other security systems and sensors. Its job is to organize, analyze and manage all of the information they produce. PSIM integrates everything into a single, centralized view. It gives you the big picture, along with all the important details, for your security operations.

IP Video Surveillance & Analytics

Based on advanced web technology, Vision Hub allows you to manage video like never before, using map visualization, integration to your main systems and sensors like access control, fire, intrusion detection and alarm panels, creating a video-centric security management solution.

Operational Intelligence Center

Our operational intelligence module for Situator helps your organization better leverage the masses of data flowing into your control centers. It does this by monitoring large volumes of data and detecting deviations in leading indicators, which are often precursors to incidents and unfolding events.

Suspect Search

Whether you need to find an individual suspected of criminal activity or a lost child, time is always of the essence. Your video surveillance system has recorded them; the question is: where? It can take hours, sometimes days, to find what you’re looking for. During that time, the opportunity to apprehend the suspect or rescue the child could be lost.

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