Retail industry has gone leap years ahead! Customers are not from the neighborhood anymore, they’re global. Revenue is not in single currency, but in many. Products are not from a single vendor, but from makers around the world. For such a highly advanced retail landscape of today, it is imperative to have an equally or more advanced retail management solution, that can seamlessly tie loose ends together.

IMarktech RetaiFort is a robust retail management solution that can single-handedly manage an entire hypermarket administration, with ease. The highlight of RetailFort is its ability to stretch according to requirement, be it a small-retail shop or a hypermarket chain. It co-ordinates retailer needs and customer demands efficiently, offering a smooth experience for both the buyer and the seller.

Solution Highlights

  • Easily integrates with existing backend systems
  • Accessible via Desktop, Tablets and Mobile devices
  • Easily integrates with Barcode readers, Bill printers, Displays & Bluetooth devices
  • Web-based solution with cloud- capabilities
  • Tamper-proof security features
  • Supports multiple payment gateways
  • Generates intuitive reports with micro-level information
  • Works on both Online & Offline modes

Retailer-centric capabilities

RetailFort has built-in functionalities that reduce the retailer’s efforts in managing customers and the store, simultaneously.


  • Handles huge number of Products & POS Terminals
  • Follows a serialized Inventory & Accounting system
  • Efficient Purchase and sales tracking system
  • In-built features to accurately calculate Taxes, Pricing, Discounts & Offers
  • Versatile Stock management features
  • Paperless POS & e-billing features

Customer-centric features

  • User-friendly smooth POS screen for making orders
  • Self-checkout facility
  • Advanced loyalty program features
  • Supports store-credit program

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