IMarktech Outsourcing Advisory practice blends global reach with deep outsourcing and functional experience in crucial areas like finance, procurement, human resources, information technology, tax, shared services, and offshoring. We work with hundreds of outsourcing vendors worldwide and stay current with their capabilities and performance. This understanding of the vendor landscape can offer valuable insights into important market trends, the opportunities and the challenges companies may face going forward.

Virtual Staffing

If you are a small company looking for hiring one to five dedicated resources you can go for the virtual staffing model. They do not work out of your office, but instead work offsite. Their skills run a gamut. From website development and maintenance to marketing, content writing, link building and so much more.

Outsourcing Consulting

While outsourcing can deliver significant benefits in efficiency and cost reduction, there can also be challenges and pitfalls associated with outsourcing. For enterprises considering outsourcing, partnering with the right outsourcing consulting firm can help to ensure that they yield the desired benefits.

Offshore Development Centers (ODC)

An Offshore Development Center (ODC) is one of the operating models that are useful in strategic partnerships with companies and offshore vendors. We help companies to setup ODC centres in on turnkey basis.

Application Development

With increasing frequency, apps are where your customers interact with your company the most. If you’re not continually improving their experience, your company is missing out on opportunities for growth.

Contact Center

A call center is a physical place where customer and other telephone calls are handled by an organization, usually with some amount of computer automation. Typically, a call center has the ability to handle a considerable volume..

Mortgage Services

The mortgage industry is in a fast-paced and complex new environment. We need to change the focus past survival to business achievement. This rocky, sometimes risky landscape is the foundation on which we will help build..

Creative Services

Our design team provides art direction and design for print design, web design and photography for advancement materials, branding, identity and logo development, view books and brochures, direct mail, invitations…

Architecture & Engineering Services

At Mace, we provide a multidisciplinary design service aimed at raising the quality of the built environment. Our experienced architects, mechanical and electrical..

Data Entry

IMarktech provides exclusive and highly accurate Data Entry & Processing services comprises of minimum of double keying process wherein data re re-keyed to provide highest accuracy. We offer data entry services for all kinds of textual data capturing..

Digital Marketing

IMarktech is a young and passionate Web Designing and Development Agency . Our team of Technical Experts and Digital Consultants are not over here in this marketplace just to deliver you projects blindly, but through digital platforms..


Research & Analysis

A strong business plan requires going beyond intuition and experience, and supporting your idea with fact-based market research. Investors need to have confidence in your understanding of the market..

Content Services

We offers content services for Blogs, Articles, Social Media and Digital Marketing. We are a start up company with our expertise into the digital arena with hands on industry experts varying from 5 to 25 years of experience into..

Finance & Accounting

IMarktech F&A Platform gives you a consolidated view of financial transactional data, with faster financial closure, reduced reconciliation effort, and an improved receivables position.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Many of our clients decide that recruitment as a function ought to be outsourced completely. Business drivers include the need to drive down cost rapidly, the need to dramatically and rapidly improve ..

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Benefits of Offshore

No longer is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) just about consolidating back office processes in lower cost locations or handing over inefficient processes to a third party. The evolution of process and technology means that organizations can and should expect world-class outcomes that align with shareholder value. With expanded capabilities, fueled by top-notch talent and powerful analytics, you can expect more from IMarktech.

Application Development

We provide dedicated and Virtual Staffs for Application development in PHP, Java, Dot.Net, Python, C, C++ etc.

Digital Marketing

Digital media is revolutionizing the marketing landscape. Online, mobile, social, location-based new channels are emerging every day. Today, technology is the key and it is empowering marketers as never before.

Business Process Outsourcing

We offer various BPO services, including Accounting, HR, procurement, Analytic etc.
Our workflow outsourcing services offer a variety of options to leverage our world-class process management and continuous improvement expertise while you focus on your brands.

  • Web Development 80%
  • Digital Marketing 50%
  • HR 75%
  • Application Development 60%

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