Offshore Advisory & Governance

 We help you define and address your organization’s unique transformation imperative.We work with you to identify areas of opportunity, set your business goals and devise a strategy – based on which, we identify your technology requirements and execute the solution. Our consulting services cover areas of IT, offshore-Citizen and process management services.

  • The choice of business processes to offshore
  • Choice of efficient geography and offshore location
  • Choice of offshore operations structure (Captive/ Third party/ JV / BOT etc.,)
  • Proper definition of offshore work content and delivery models
  • Right choice of offshore vendor / service provider / captive management team
  • Capital Investments and operational expenses for offshore operations
  • Need to establish appropriate contractual arrangements and pricing
  • Streamlined transition of work and knowledge to the offshore team
  • Ongoing offshore operations control, review and management

It is common to see many large firms (including MNCs) struggle with the process of offshoring that results in delayed offshoring projects, failed attempts, lost management credibility and above all, a loss of faith in offshoring as a business model. This leads to a severe long-term business impact for the organization and erosion in business confidence. IMarktech advises business organizations who wish to offshore on the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of offshoring with our full cycle offshore advisory services namely:

  • Offshore Strategy
  • Geography (Region/Country) and Location selection
  • Offshore Infrastructure and operations planning
  • Offshore Infrastructure build and commission
  • Offshore Team Profile definition and mobilization
  • Offshore Team Training and evaluation
  • Integrated Program Management
  • Process transition and knowledge transfer support
  • Operations reviews, audits and performance improvement

IMarktech is run by IT veterans with extensive experience in the business of advising clients in developed economies on the virtues of offshoring and in ensuring the offshoring experiment is a successful and fulfilling engagement.

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