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The Media & Entertainment industry is fast moving and far reaching. While as a business it has experienced a boom over the last few decades and continues to grow around the world, the industry also has a critical social role as a purveyor of a public good with the ability to shape public opinion and transmit ideas and values.IMarktech has end to end capabilities in Publishing segment, Digital Media, Content Solutions for Publishing, Gaming, and Hardware to Software capabilities in Entertainment segment.IMarktech media consultant helps media and entertainment companies to adapt the realities of the digital age, breaking new ground to simplify operations, better understand consumers, provide content effectively and capitalize on new opportunities.

downloadComprehensive Content Delivery and Digital Rights Management System

Content Works helps publishers deliver content on demand as secure digital documents. DRM allows customers to order content directly from a publisher’s website as secure PDFs.┬áThe systemprocesses all transactions related to the sale of the content from the site including credit card authorization. Content Works is set up to mirror the look and feel of a publisher’s website, ensuring end-users have a consistent user experience.