Innovation Outsourcing

Innovation Outsourcing

Innovation within large corporations is often slow and ineffective. Corporate bureaucracy creates inertia, stifles creativity and instills a fear of failure in employees. Management of this process is usually driven by short-term goals and influenced by internal politics.

Executing an idea to solve a specific challenge is not easy.  Turning it into a viable business venture is even more difficult.  We have created services specializing in the support of innovation.IMarktech, helps companies to build new products and services that people want.  We provide knowledge and support services over the entire lifecycle of an idea to a viable product.


  Product / Services Research

  Offshore Innovation Lab

  Product Commercialization

  Technology Scouting



  Product / Services Design

  Innovation Exchange

  Project / Program Management

  Technology Partnerships / JV


Remote Staffing

With Imarktech you can scale your organisation quickly, easily
and cost-effectively with dedicated remote staff.