Innovation Lab

Due to advances in technologies such as Robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data, possibilities for value creation are extending to a wider variety of fields than ever before. In this environment, Imarktech founded the Innovation Center as a facility for research and development in new value fields such as robot technology, the blockchain, Deep learning, mobility systems, and energy management. At IMarktech- Futurex based on the concept of “AI x Data x Imark's strengths,” we are working toward new physical and conceptual creation that provides new value in harmony with people, as an extension of our manufacturing projects up until now.

Current research areas such as robot technology, the blockchain, and mobility systems are considering machinery and systems for autonomous movement, and this is referred to using the general term, robotics. The concept of robotics includes the energy management, healthcare, construction tech required for moving robots and mobility systems as well. Artificial intelligence technology that works in collaboration with people is also a fundamental aspect of robotics, and this collaborative intelligence is another topic of research at the facility.

Research Careers

We seek researchers who will advance our work in the core research areas, create R&I assets, and enhance the visibility of organizational capabilities. We offer an intellectually stimulating research environment. If you are from a premier institute and would like to pursue a Research career at IMark, please visit Research Careers. You can also write to us at: