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Hotel, Catering and Leisure Management & Marketing Hospitality Solutions aims to establish a long-term relationship with clients by providing a very reliable, high quality service at a cost effective price.

With an extremely keen understanding of the pressures involved in operating a hotel, restaurant, pub or leisure attraction in today’s competitive climate, flexible help is now available as and when you want it.Hospitality Solutions allows you to specify the level of service required for your business and to judge by results before committing to further expenditure.


Hospitality services

Hotel Management  l  Spa & Gym Management  l  Tab Enabled Menu System

This unique solution for Hotels, Resorts, and Guest Houses that fits comfortably into your daily hotel  processes. The IMarktech  Hotel Management System empowers you to manage your Hotel completely on automation, manage your guests like never before.

Solutions offered in Hotel Management Solutions

  • Desktop Based Hotel Management Software
  • Guest Room Wireless Simplified
  • Restaurant Point of Sale Software
  • Online Hotel Management System
  • Online Booking Engine
  • Hotel Channel Manager
  • Digital Restaurant Tablet Menu
  • Online Feedback System
  • Mobile Hotel App Builder
  • HR & Payroll Management Software
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • PMS Interfacing / Call Accounting / IP Billing Telephony / Internet / Entertainment

Our Solutions in short will let you run your business better and your business enjoys improved professionalism across the board.

Spa & Gym Management


By implementing a managed residential gym in an apartment development there a number of benefits for both developers and managing agents. The main benefits are as follows.

  • Value add to the development
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Powerful sales and marketing tool
  • Contented residents
  • One point of contact for all maintenance issues
  • Good property resale value





Tab Enabled Menu System

Not just the meal, but the entire dining experience counts when it comes to running a successful restaurant business. With a smooth entry- to-exit customer management solution, winning customers becomes a piece of cake with IMarktech TabServe.

TabServe is a Tablet-based restaurant management solution that helps you offer a delightful experience to your customers, by speeding-up order processing, billing, record feedbacks, run loyalty programs and perform a host of other experience-enhancing activities.

Not just customer management, TabServe can augment your business efficiency by orchestrating your back-end processes like managing the kitchen, systematizing staff responsibilities, tracking inventory movement, organizing vendor deals, managing payments & revenue flow and more. As much as it sounds exhaustive, the performance is intuitive too.

Solution Highlights

  • Suitable for restaurants, food courts, multi-chain food outlets, cafes, bars and catering institutes
  • Flexible Web solution and Android-Mobile App solution
  • Highly available cloud-hosted architecture
  • Centralized server control to manage and track billing, inventory, customer database etc.
  • Intuitive Business Intelligence(BI) Dashboard, that generates graphical reports
  • Scalable features & functionalities
  • Fool-proof billing and payment structure
  • Flexible ‘pay as-you-go’ pricing model
  • Low manpower costs