Retailers today need enterprise ecommerce solutions that let them easily adapt to a fast-changing retail environment.  While consumers are rapidly adopting new technology that offers more ways to interact with merchants, most retail organizations are still tied to legacy on-premise commerce platforms that can’t keep pace with the speed of change.  Retailers are forced to spend most of their time managing and maintaining legacy enterprise ecommerce solutions and IT infrastructure, rather than focusing on innovation.  To compete in today’s environment, retailers need enterprise ecommerce platforms for multi-channel integration that let them take advantage of quickly evolving retail dynamics, rather than focusing on their back-end infrastructure.

We provides enterprise ecommerce solutions that deliver the speed, agility and innovation required to succeed in retail today.  IMarktech enables retailers to launch sites and brands faster, digitize stores more easily and integrate new technologies to drive innovation – all with a lower total cost of ownership than legacy on-premise technology.

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