Use Crowdfunding for Worthy Causes

Raise Funds for the cause you believe in or Support a Cause

Portal not only provides a platform for creating campaigns and accepting donations it also help you spread the word about your cause or project, using the power of social media and Internet. We provide Guidance for Successful Campaigns And the Tools to Organise and Publicise Your Campaigns


Step 1: Sign-up Free

Registration is free. You pay only a small percentage of donations actually received by your campaigns.


Step 2: Branding

Branding is not just a logo. It is an image about you in the minds of prospective donors to your cause.


Step 3: Share

Spread the word about your campaign using the power of social media. Doing this is a task that requires spacial care.


Step 4: Raise Fund

Find the cause that moves you. Develop a program to promote the cause.