Capability Development

 P3M assessment

Training needs analysis

Knowledge transfer requirements

Coaching, mentoring and on-the-job program

Our Capability Development services are designed to provide the support required to develop capability at a personal, project or executive level. We provide an integrated programme including training, coaching and mentoring in developing technology capability of your IT organization.

The key offerings include:

P3M (portfolio, programme, and project) assessment
We offer excellent services that are tailored to meet client’s specific requirements. We provide the knowhows and guidance to assess the maturity of the project and project office environments so that the growth can be assessed as well.
Training needs analysis
IMarktech provides services and assistance to clients to identify the required skills and pinpoint appropriate training for the client’s employees to excel and contribute to the growth process.
Knowledge transfer requirements definitions
 IMarktech is responsible for providing you informative guidelines to assess current skills and develop a formal training programme to improve the client’s business growth rate. Capability development programme definition and delivery IMarktech provides a full suite of services to create and utilize the model to align skills and competencies.
Coaching, mentoring, training and on-the-job programmes

We help in setting up training, mentoring programmes and on-the-job programmes like BI & Big Data, Adobe Tools, Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning, Web & Mobile training programmes, which will lead to formal qualifications if required.

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