About Us

Our Vission

Imarktech Innovation Lab solves complex business challenges using Disruptive Innovation. Our lab has a team of highly-rated engineers, analysts, business and technology consultants, and industry domain experts. Clients across industries envision their future and harness the power of early-stage cutting-edge technologies and our expertise at the Innovation Lab to actualize that future. The lab becomes their sandbox to safely assess, test, and validate the viability of new technologies for their unique business challenges. The lab is also used to develop quick POCs that assess the business relevance of ideas and develop game-changing solution prototypes/experiences.

Our Mission

As organizations, industries and everyday customers evolve with more sophisticated and specialized requirements, the need for custom software and new products also grows. Every project has its own goals and challenges, and our expert team can provide the web, mobile or embedded solution you require. We can design, develop and launch your software solution, and also support clients in manufacturing the hardware associated with certain solutions such as embedded systems. We understand the need for robust, scalable solutions and provide quality solutions quickly, so that you can enjoy a faster time-to-market or launch, and reduced development costs. We offer comprehensive end-to-end development as well as stage-specific support, including staff augmentation, developing individual components and getting stalled or partial projects