Start, Build & Grow a Successful Online Business.

IMarktech offers advisory and technology consulting services  for starting online ventures. We are a team of the world’s best  consultants aim to build successful online startups and assured solutions for new digital entrepreneurs.

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Digital strategy as business strategy:

Formulate strategies and identify opportunities to enable companies to create new and engaging user experiences, products and services that underpin new high growth businesses, revenue streams and audiences.

IT Services


We have helped organisations develop digital products that drive revenue growth and improved user experience.

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Offshore Staffing for your enterprise

We help companies achieve sourcing excellence through a range of services including blueprint/design, outsourcing partner selection and transition, strategic offshoring implementation and support, and value delivery. Outsourcing and offshoring have evolved into much broader opportunities to drive transformational change.

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Technology & innovations for a better world

Digital Business Consulting

IMarktech offers advisory and technology consulting services  for starting online ventures.

Technology Scouting

IMarktech helps companies to scout new technologies from India.

Staff Augmentation

Increase your profit margin by hiring remote staffs – Digital Marketing, Customer Support, Accounts & Billing etc.

Products & Solutions

IMarktech offers  a wide range of IT products & solutions with lowest price and highest quality for the price point we strive to maintain.

Around the globe, IMarktech enables our partners to harness the evolution of technology.

With over 14 years experience in the IT Industry,  IMarktech was created based on a passion to deliver a higher standard of technology for our Clients and Partners. Our reputation is based on our ability to build relationships that make a difference. IMarktech offers a wide range of products & technology solutions for various industrial and functional verticals. Our in-depth knowledge of technology and our strong network of technical consultants and partners, allows us to provide you with best and cost effective solutions available in the market today.

We help our clients to enhance productivity by ensuring that vital business functions work faster, cheaper and better. And, our ability to conceptualize, design and implement new and expanded capabilities allows clients to transform their business to the next level.

We’re driven by a passion to help our clients build stronger, more agile and more innovative businesses.

We work Together to Achieve a Common Goal – A cornerstone of IMark’s success is the interconnectivity of our associates and teams across business units. We believe that the better we share knowledge and work together, the more we can achieve for our clients and ourselves.



Featured Services

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Digital Business Consulting

Our strategy services provide customized, digital solutions to turn you into an industry leader.

Digital Product Development

We have helped organisations develop digital products that drive revenue growth and improved user experience.

Staff Augmentation / Offshore Staffing

We help digital enterprises to setup their offshore staffing  in a various areas  including digital marketing, customer support, creative services, procurement, accounting & billing, R&D etc.

IT Strategy Consulting

IMarktech consultants define, design and execute strategies that drive your business growth, reduce costs and create new revenue streams.

Deep Specialisation to get to the root.

We understand the need to keep pace with technology and take advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered by technological innovation, but we are also aware of the risks involved and the responsibility at the Board level to control these risks.

Customer Centricity

Our customer centric culture change approach is founded on our design thinking methodology. It focuses on people, their behaviours, their beliefs, values and motivations. We engage employees throughout the process and take them on the journey, so they advocate, lead and drive the change themselves.

  • Making your front-line truly customer centric, so they always interact with customers in the best way
  • Making all central functions customer centric, e.g. product, marketing, management, IT, etc. so they create great services and processes.
  • Using a strategic change management approach to co-design and execute the change enterprise-wide, applying our design thinking methodology

What kind of clients do you work with?
We work with IT companies, Governments, Universities, Colleges, Public & Private enterprises of all size.
Capacity Development
Capacity development is the process through which individuals, organizations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities to set and achieve their own development objectives over time. Capacity is about growth: growth of the individual in knowledge, skills and experience.
Partnership Program
Whether you want to build, sell, service or run IMarktech Solutions –“ there’s a place for all levels of expertise within our partner ecosystem. write to us at


Thought Leadership

Our initiatives are designed to share, with our customers, partners and employees, our thought leadership and innovative thinking on emerging trends in many areas. Innovation is part of our DNA.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We are passionate about people and our planet. IMarktech conducts a wide range of activities through its CSR partner Newday Earth.  The organisation conducts a variety of training programs & activities to enhance the quality of life of people.


IMarktech News

It’s always happening with IMarktech, this section provide information, new and articles about the news and information about IMarktech global.


Life @ IMark

We breathe life into the idea of finding adventure every single day. Our teams are encouraged to explore the unknown and challenge the statuesque. Passion for exploration extends beyond our office walls and into the lives of our employees.

IMarktech’s  clients includes Fortune 500 companies to small family owned businesses and our clients represent a wide variety of industries, and also include universities and professional associations.

Our integrated, end-to-end solution of advanced analytics, omnichannel technology, and global outsourcing achieves the balance of customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and revenue growth.